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Rabenschwinges Cavern blog

2nd try …day… Mayday … Mayday

Mayday! Posting from my KI fr… prison age called Panuehr! Been captu…. ………. ths!

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….day! Posting from my KI from a prison age …………. ! Been …….. and hold for months!

We need help!

Food and water ….

Contact Forberg! …………….

*signal terminated*

(OOC: just to be sure: this is fictional. No real danger.)

Mayday… mayday… mayday … m…

…day Ma… Post… KI … …om an age called Pa….ehr ! Been cap… and ho… for months!

We need …lp!

Food a… …ter … last… less than 4 d….

Conta… F..rberg! Send h…!

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*signal terminated*

Newest developments 1

Again, the expedition has gained new members, more than 30 interns and explorers joined us in our efforts.
That means, we can work on even more ages and areas to tidy up and restore them.

Work in Risoahl is nearly finished – the age will stay private for the time being, though. The expedition has decided we need a refuge, a recreation age only accessible by us.

My personal opinion? I don´t think, areas and ages should be claimed by individuals or organisations – they should be open to all, if they are safe enough. But the council has decided, and I can´t argue with that.

My own ages, Afelahn, Ahnoto and the third age I´m writing (without a name yet), will be open to all, that´s for sure.

Again, we found traces of strangers in some of our ages. Someone has access to at least seven ages. They stole equipment, food, and even sabotaged some of our projects. Who are they? Why are they interfering with our work?

All we´ve found out, that they are humans, surface dwellers from our very own earth. Their motivation is still shrouded in mystery.

Birthday party

Today, the expedition crew surprised me with a birthday party – they had lured me to Risoahl by claiming they had found a nest of the rodents that are plagueing Afelahn at the moment. When I arrived there, they welcomed me with a huge, colorful banner and chanting birthday songs – I´m really touched, I never had had a surprise party until today!

So, thanks, guys, it was a real pleasure! :)

Didn´t expect it, my birthday was over a week ago – they managed to keep it a secret, even when they congratulated me.

Well, back to work. I still have unknown ages for you to present, plus a bunch of new ages we found over the last months.

I will gather informations and post more about them the next days and weeks.

Pest control 2

The Risoahl rodents have changed from a nuisance to a real plague. There are dozens of them living behind the walls of Afelahn (can only imagine how they managed to get there), nibbling and chewing on data and energy cables.

We´ve decided to take countermeasures – using mouse traps didn´t work, so we used rat poison, but they seem to be to smart to take the baits we used.

So we did it the hard way – cornering and catching them with nets and brailers (? right word?).

Managed to catch two dozens of them, but judging from the chirping sounds all over the place, there are much more.

I guess, I will spend the next weeks like this…

In the meantime, the council decided to close Dasharen for everyone. The age is deemed too dangerous to stay there for longer than a few minutes. This means, our research of the age has come to a sudden hold.

In Nifehrehn, we are making progress again, albeit slowly. The sabotage had destroyed much of the equipment. Shane and Tom Woods managed to replace and substitute some of it with similar devices from other ages, but some of them can´t be replaced.

Still not finding time

It´s a shame – I don´t find any time to post here. Can´t tell how long it will last. But this blog isn´t dead, just hibernating.


Again I have to apologize for not having posted over the last weeks – my surface and cavern projects have kept me very busy over the last days – and it won´t get better over the holidays, I fear. I´ll try to post now and then, but can´t promise anything. I think, in January I´ll have more time to keep you updated.

Until then, or until I find time to post before January, I wish you all nice holidays, and a Happy New Year!

Or, to say it in D’ni:
Hahr rahm gah shoraht b’shemtee biv!


Sorry for not posting for so long – a lot going on in the last month, work on the surface, work in the caverns …

The rodents in Afelahn have spawned quickly – at first, there were one or two – now, I estimate their number about a dozen – and they are EVERYWHERE. Had to bring my empty books to Asheten mansion – they nibbled on them and destroyed three.  I´ve instructed the expedition personnel to be careful when visiting Afelahn, so the “plague” doesn´t spread to other ages. We´ve set up mouse traps, but to no avail as of yet … it seems, they are too cautious (or too smart?) to get caught.

We´ve started work on various new ages – most of them are in a very early state of being surveyed, but maybe I can provide some information over the next days and weeks.

Dasharen has proven to be one of the most unstable ages we have access to. Earth quakes have happened a lot over the last weeks, and one time our team was barely able to leave the age without being hurt.

The council will decide tomorrow, if Dasharen will be deemed “unsafe” or not. B.P. is for it, while others are strongly against it… they say, there is so much to learn in this age, that the risks are worth it… I´m not so sure. Is anything worth risking anyones life?

Twenty days

Twenty days since my last post.

I´ve been busy with a lot of things, and finally found time again to keep you updated.

One of the worst things that happened was the theft of one of our Dasharen linking books. It happened two weeks ago, when B.P. brought some linking books to a conference. When he packed together after it had ended, he found the book missing.

So, someone who has access to our conferences must have taken it – unfortunately, nearly all of the expedition members took part in this particular presentation.

Further investigations pending.

About Dasharen: Tom Woods and Shane Kennett have devised a theory about the “big blast” that happened some months ago, when our powermarble experiment exploded rather spectacularly. They suspect the strange electromagnetic fields to be responsible for the energy fluctuation that caused the explosion. So, we  have to be careful with bringing energy devices to this age in the future…

Ah, by the way: I´ve brought some unexpected guests to Afelahn without even noticing.

We were watching animal life in Risoahl, our giant bamboo age, and somehow they must have gotten into one of the bags I had my equipment in.

When I had returned to Afelahn, I heard some chirping sounds – at first, I thought the source of the noise to be outside of the base. But when I moved, I could make out it actually was inside… an unsettling feeling, you know, especially because the creatures in Afelahn I´ve met yet are not very pretty or pleasant. (e.g. the lobsterpede).

Only after I found bite marks on a sandwich I had left on my desk in my office, I knew it had to be some kind of rodent.

Now, I´ve searched through the whole base, but didn´t find anything, albeit hearing these noises from time to time. A least it seems to be smaller than a rat, according to the bite marks… maybe some kind of mouse? Where could it be hiding?

More “features” of Dasharen

Well, after some days of intensive research on Dasharen, the seemingly supernatural happenings there appear to be quite natural.

The strange lack of data the seismographs did record – or, in fact, DIDN’T record – puzzled us all. But when Tom Woods, Shane Kennett and Carla Mastrelli used some of their equipment – don´t ask me, they explained it to me, but I didn´t understand more than “electromagnetic” and “field” and stuff – they found out, that there indeed are unusual electromagnetic energy flux thingymabobs (I`m sorry for the gibberish), which means, that Dasharens magnetic field is unstable and fluctuating in a strange manner.

That´s what caused the errors in our seismographs – overloaded their circuits, and so they stopped working.

I´ve heard that it was comparable to an electromagnetic pulse…

That makes Dasharen an age with:

  • earthquakes
  • electromagnetic – things
  • dust storms
  • arid desertlike environment

No wonder, the community of D’ni in this age didn´t stay there.

The status of Nifehrehn is devastating. The frost has destroyed much of the equipment, and most of the data about the age is lost. Fortunately, we had copied most of it and stored it in our computers.
Whoever did this vile act of sabotage, he or she managed to undo work of months.
It is really upsetting and unsettling to know there is someone out there wanting to harm us, or at least our work…

On the green smoke in Afelahn: When I searched the complex, I found a small D’ni device behind some crates in storage  I. I think it was this thing, that emitted the smoke somehow – I´ve given it to Shanes team. Hopefully they can determine what purpose it has.

Yesterday I finally had time to finish the measurements for the new rooms. I´ve plans for Afelahn – GREAT plans. It will be expanded greatly. One of the new parts will be the residental area I´ve talked about – some private rooms for myself, and when it is determined how many people will join me in Afelahn, I’ll add more facilities for them.

Then there will be an atrium, with stairs and light and a fountain – or an artpiece, I´ve not yet decided that.

And some more labs will be necessary.
Well, a lot of work for the next weeks.