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OOC: The blog continues

OOC: After a long, looong hiatus because of lacking motivation, reallife and lack of time, I´ve gained a lot of new motivation, especially by reading about the new fan age projects (e.g.: DIRT), so I again will continue this blog from now on!
I hope to at least post once a week, the more the better.

Hopefully, there are some people who will read this blog again :)

Best wishes,

Who´s still reading my blog?

Hi guys,

I´ve been lacking motivation for the last month to post anything on the blog – I have the feeling that many people are leaving the community or loosing interest in URU.

But I would like to continue this blog, it was fun for me, and will be fun again, I hope – but I want to know, if anyone is still reading what I write here.

So – please, leave a short note like “I´m still reading” or something like that – so I know I do this for a purpose :)
After all, I´m writing it for you all, not just for me.

Best regards,

OOC: Anti-Spam measures

Hi guys, just a little update on the status of this blog. Because I got a lot of spam, I´ve looked for – and found – a convenient Anti-Spam-Plugin for WordPress.

Now every time somebody is trying to post a comment, a (simple) question is asked to confirm, that the wouldbe-poster is a human being, and not a spam-bot.

This has proofed to be a very effective way of blocking spambots, because these programs can´t think logical, so they can´t answer any questions where they have to “think” about the answer (yet.)

Captchas sadly are mostly useless at the present, because even the more complicated captcha scripts are being cracked rather quickly.

So, for human users it´s just a small inconvenience, while blocking 99% of spam messages.

So please excuse the small “puzzle” (it´s easy to answer for most of you), but it saves me a lot of time I would spend in deleting spam-posts.

OOC: Feedback

Hi guys, another OOC-post from me, this time something positive: I´d like to ask you, the blog readers, for feedback.

For this purpose, I´ve added a page called “Feedback”, in the top menu.

I´m writing this blog for you, the URU and Myst communities, and I´m interested in how it is received – what do you like, not like, what could be improved, what should be added, and so on.

Of course, I can´t promise to take every advice, or do everything you suggest – but I promise to read every comment.

Thank you in advance, every constructive criticism is welcome!
(OOC end)