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Ages and Areas « Rabenschwinges Cavern blog

Ages and Areas

The Forberg expedition and me are restoring ages and areas, and writing new ages.

For this purpose, we, like other restoration projects, have adapted the restoration phases brought up by the DRC. For a list of them, see bottom of this page.

Now following, the list of ages and areas we currently are restoring and/or preparing.


First age written by myself. A cool, windy age. From a small valley, filled with a pond, we excavate into the rock walls to build a base of operations for me.
Status: Phase 4 – a lot of work has been done, some still needed.

2011-10-21 – phase set to 4.

Second age written by myself. A vast fresh water lake. Its shores can´t be seen from the link in point. Huge, unknown creatures dwell in its deeps.
Status: Phase 2 – purpose of age unclear yet. Reevaluation necessary.

A cold and windy age, albeit with a bright sun, written by the D’ni. A great amount of various flying species use the rock pinnacles of the near vicinity as breeding places. A great place for bird watchers.
Status: Phase 1 – progress slow, intense research.

An age of the old D’ni, this place was home to a mostly self-sufficient community, living in a town built into a cavern system. The age itself is an arid, hot environment, mostly consisting of desert and rock formations. Outside of the caverns lies a rather extended cemetary, which leads to the conclusion, that the residents buried their dead there, instead of the usual burial ages.
Status: Phase 1 – lot of work, will commence slowly

Eder Kamonee
D’ni Garden age, full of crystals of various sizes and colors. Currently closed because of imminent danger by volatile crystal formations.
Status: deemed unsafe. restoration suspended for now because of volatile structures.

Resource age of the guild of caterers. Most of the surface of the age is covered by a red species of lichen, which the D’ni harvested for nourhishment.
Status: Phase 1. Research of ecosphere in progress.

Polar, deep frozen age with a small D´ni scientific outpost. Traces of surviving D´ni have been found, especially their journals. The fate and whereabouts of these people are unknown as of yet.
Status: Phase 1 – environment dangerous, restoration goal unclear.

It seems to have been some kind of submarine science station erected by the old D’ni. It is some kind of pod – but a different one than those we know from “Reziksehv” – with some observation cupolas. The marine life in this age is very different from what we know – there are no fish, but some strange, ribbonlike animals, which are slowly moving through the water.
The temperature seems to be quite hot – the pod is heavily insulated, but there are D’ni scales that show temperatures about 176° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius).
How these creatures can survive this hellish environment, is one of the goals of our research there.
Our interns have dubbed them “Hadesfish”, after the greek underworld.
Status: Phase 1 – evaluating safety status. Dangerous because of high water temperature.

The private age of a D’ni named Ri’tehraf, member of the guild of chemists, who did experiments on various ages he kept in a secret room for other guilds.
Status: Phase 1 – in progress. slowly.

D’ni Age found by the expedition, with a giant bamboo forest and muddy, brackish water.
Status: Phase 2 – need some time to finish the place.

What we have been able to find out about the age leads to the conclusion, that the D’ni used the place as a kind of resort, a recreation age, at least for the upper class. At the time of the Fall, Shashodahl was rather popular – there were even rumors, that at least one of the lords had visited it once. Of course, there is no proof of that.
It is a very beautiful and relaxing place – but beware, if you ever visit it, don´t forget your sunblock. It can be quite hot sometimes, especially when both suns are visible at the same time.
Status: Phase 2 – low priority.

D’ni Age found by myself, written by Anesh. Primitive world with a vast, green ocean. Its creatures are similar to earth´s fauna in the cambrium and ordivicium geological eras.
Status: Phase 2 – ocean dangerous. Reevaluate safety status.

Unknown Age 01
A wet, foggy place, covered by a huge swamp. The fog is so dense, you can´t see very far – animals call in the distance, we weren´t able to see them yet, but they sound scary enough. It is one of the approved ages of the D’ni, so we assume it is safe, but will have to do more research on it before allowing people to visit.
Status: Phase 1 – low priority as of now.

Unknown Age 07

Discovered in June 2011
Status: Classified until further notice

Yagee Mohts
Homeworld of the Yagi people. Will not be restored out of respect for the native population, albeit we are in contact with them and visit them from time to time. The climate is cool. Pine trees and ferns grow on the islands the Yagi live on.
Status: No restoration because of local population.

D’ni age which had been used as a hunting ground and a game reserve. Abundant wildlife, including big predators. Not planned to be opened to the public anytime soon.

Status: deemed unsafe. restoration suspended for now because of dangerous wildlife.


(in the age of D’ni (Earth)):

Asheten mansion
Headquarters of the Forberg expedition
Status: Phase 5 – closed for the public as of now.

Kurat hood
Neighborhood of the Forberg expedition
Status: Phase 2 – not high on priority list.

Maintainer Outpost
A former outpost of the old guild of maintainers, from where they visited new ages to determine their safety and legality.
Status: Phase 3 (partly in use already.)

Restoration and exploration

Initial visit and procedures
Before starting the first phase, there is at least one initial visit, done under strict safety protocols adapted from the old D’ni maintainers rules. One person in a maintainer suit visits the age (or area) for a very brief moment (only some seconds), before automatically linking back. With this visit, the maintainer suits equipment analyzes the age or area about possible dangers, like heat, cold, poisonous or acidic environment, and so on.
If there is significant danger in the age or area, it is deemed “unsafe” and closed for any visitors.
If the age or area is deemed “safe”, the restoration phases start.

The five main phases are:

* Phase 1: Initial Mapping – Basic maps and documents are created for the Age or location being restored. The basical layout of the age or area is analyzed, general facts about the athmosphere, seas, lakes, rivers, (or bodies of other liquids), climate, fauna, flora, microbiology, are gathered.
* Phase 2: Structural Analysis – All geological and architectural structures and supports are examined for integrity and safety. This is essential for our own teams safety.
* Phase 3: Detailed Analysis - The Age or location is given a thorough examination by a survey team, which creates extensive maps and additional documentation on the area. Generally spoken, these are extended processes like done in Phase 1.
* Phase 4: Restoration – This is the most extensive phase, during which all machinery is repaired, structures are secured, and cleanup is performed. After this phase, the age is considered “safe” for visitors.
* Phase 5: Limited Access – In this final phase before completion, the Age or location is opened for limited access by authorized explorers.

* Opening an age or area – After completing Phase 5, an age can be opened for the general public.

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