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Expedition personnel

On this page you can find a little information about the people I keep mentioning in my Blog, the members of the Forberg-expedition, with whom I am working together most of the time.

Noelle Belfiore
New York
linguist. specialized in rare and unknown languages. Profound knowledge in D’ni and Yagi-languages. Studies on Bahro symbol language.

Keira Bracetty
structural engineer. Leads restoration of buildings, especially securement of walls, restoration of columns, friezes, floor tiles and such.

Peter Chang
Hongkong, China
microbiologist. Intense studies on micro organisms of various ages, and on the lake algae.

Mark Collette
Auckland, New Zealand
diving team leader. avid cave diver.

B.P. Forberg
New Haven, Connecticut
archaeologist. leader of the expedition. has taken part in excavation in roman and greek sites.

Krista Haugaard,
Odense, Danmark
botanist. Has done studies on rain forests in tropical and subtropical environments.

Palmer Haugaard
Odense, Danmark
archaeologist. Studied viking settlements from scandinavia, over iceland, greenland, to new foundland.

Dr. Larry S. Hodges
Dallas, Texas
M.D. Studies of the late guild of healers.

Shane Kennett
Dublin, Ireland
IT-technician. specialized on D’ni technology, especially imager and data transfer. degree in engineering.

Carla Mastrelli
Milano, Italy
technician. specialized on energy sources of the surface and of the D’ni.

Dr. Alexandra Rebman-Bartos
Sacramento, California
anthropologist, specialized on american native people of the west coast, western Mexico and the pacific coast.

Adrienne Riva Rivas
Guadalajara, Mexico
historian. european history from the early medieval to the world wars.

Dr. Erik Shingler
Perth, Australia
zoologist. specialized on endemic animal species.

Professor Darryl Stejskal
Honolulu, Hawaii
volcanologist. studied the volcanic islands of Hawaii and various others in the “pacific fire ring”.

Gracia Stock
Hamburg, Germany
archaeologist. Profound knowledge of the celts and old germans.

Tom Woods
Los Angeles, California
structural engineer. Oversees safety of structures like buildings, caves …

Noemi Moots
Clinton “Clint” Spano

both from Phoenix, Arizona
survival experts. did expeditions to various dangerous places on earth and in various ages.

(to be expanded)

(OOC note: The characters on this page are purely fictional. Any similarities between them and real individuals are purely coincidental and not on purpose.)

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