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More “features” of Dasharen « Rabenschwinges Cavern blog

More “features” of Dasharen

Well, after some days of intensive research on Dasharen, the seemingly supernatural happenings there appear to be quite natural.

The strange lack of data the seismographs did record – or, in fact, DIDN’T record – puzzled us all. But when Tom Woods, Shane Kennett and Carla Mastrelli used some of their equipment – don´t ask me, they explained it to me, but I didn´t understand more than “electromagnetic” and “field” and stuff – they found out, that there indeed are unusual electromagnetic energy flux thingymabobs (I`m sorry for the gibberish), which means, that Dasharens magnetic field is unstable and fluctuating in a strange manner.

That´s what caused the errors in our seismographs – overloaded their circuits, and so they stopped working.

I´ve heard that it was comparable to an electromagnetic pulse…

That makes Dasharen an age with:

  • earthquakes
  • electromagnetic – things
  • dust storms
  • arid desertlike environment

No wonder, the community of D’ni in this age didn´t stay there.

The status of Nifehrehn is devastating. The frost has destroyed much of the equipment, and most of the data about the age is lost. Fortunately, we had copied most of it and stored it in our computers.
Whoever did this vile act of sabotage, he or she managed to undo work of months.
It is really upsetting and unsettling to know there is someone out there wanting to harm us, or at least our work…

On the green smoke in Afelahn: When I searched the complex, I found a small D’ni device behind some crates in storage  I. I think it was this thing, that emitted the smoke somehow – I´ve given it to Shanes team. Hopefully they can determine what purpose it has.

Yesterday I finally had time to finish the measurements for the new rooms. I´ve plans for Afelahn – GREAT plans. It will be expanded greatly. One of the new parts will be the residental area I´ve talked about – some private rooms for myself, and when it is determined how many people will join me in Afelahn, I’ll add more facilities for them.

Then there will be an atrium, with stairs and light and a fountain – or an artpiece, I´ve not yet decided that.

And some more labs will be necessary.
Well, a lot of work for the next weeks.

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