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Feedback « Rabenschwinges Cavern blog


Any constructive criticism, be it positive or negative, is welcome. I´m interested in how this blog is received by its readers, I write it for you!
You can post OOC or IC on this subpage, whatever you like!

If I can improve the blog, or change something, tell me your opinion. I can´t promise to listen to every suggestion, but I promise to read every one of them.

It would help me, if you specifiy what you like, and what you don´t like – for example: “I´d like to see more Ki-shots” or “Can we get more information about Dasharen?” or “Your English is terrible, go and learn vocables!” ;)

Spams, Flames, Trolling, Namecalling, Bashing and such will be deleted without any further information. Keep it nice and civil, please, as one should always when posting in the web.

2 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Capella says:

    OOC: I enjoy this blog a lot and always perk up when I see it on UruBlogs. I like hearing about new Ages, as I think most explorers do.

    I do think you’re right about “more KI shots”; I’ve been assuming your project is mostly descriptive-based and not focused on the progression of making Ages intended to be seen in-game, am I right?
    But that said, images, whether they’re fake KI shots, or little drawings of things in the Ages intended to look like the sketches in an explorer’s journal, would really help with immersiveness.

    I like the Ages and Areas thing that tells you about the Ages, but even so I still have some trouble keeping them distinct in my mind; could you make longer, more detailed blurbs, or do some good linking to posts in depth about that Age? This is another reason why images help.

    Other things that could be interesting is a sense of making it more like a team endeavor; is there a way you could get a few people in to guest post as one of the other expedition members?

    Also I am reaaally curious about the classified thing in the Unknown Age! Please tell me you’re gonna follow up on that. *nosy*

  2. Rabenschwinge says:

    OOC: Hi Capella, happy to hear you enjoy my blog :)

    EDIT 2011-06-29: I hope you don´t mind, I added some breaks to your comment to improve readability for other users (if you DO mind, tell me, I can remove the breaks, if you want me to.)

    I´ll try to post more KI-shots, I´ve thought about this more than once, and I agree, that they help immersion. The only problem is, that many of the ages I´m describing are in an early stage and not showable yet. But I will change that soon, and when the new tools of the Guild of Writers and others are ready (PyPRP 2, for example) I will be able to finish some of my ages rather quickly (at least to a state, where they can be visited and subsequently expanded.)

    Actually, and I hope you will see this as good news, I plan to make most of the ages I´m describing here available in the Open Source MOUL; with a few exceptions, like Yagee Mohts. But, of course, it´s even possible to make those as well, finally.
    I´m not very good in drawing, but I could make some sketches and computer graphics, to add as well.

    Longer information about the ages is a good idea, I will add more information to the blurbs on the “Ages and Areas”-page (or in subpages, if they become too long to read comfortably).

    As for the posts of other expedition members: At the moment, they are all “roleplayed” by myself, to avoid story conflicts. Of course, any explorer who wants to, can interact with my storyline, like for example Pavitra did.
    I´m planning also to set in motion explorer-driven projects, like the one I tried in the D’ni Zoological Society-forum (will definitely continue doing this).

    Maybe I should add some posts by expedition members? I just want to avoid playing “deus ex machina” too much – and it could be irritating for readers, when explorers and roleplaying characters post comments – for them it wouldn´t be easy to tell them apart.

    Of course, the classified thing was on purpose – I´ll follow this particular storyline, and I hope, you´ll like it :)
    I like to use stylistic devices like cliffhangers and red herrings, and such, expect to see more of those in the future! :)

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