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Free again! « Rabenschwinges Cavern blog

Free again!

I´m back. After months of isolation in a prison age called Panuehr, we managed to find a way out.

I guess, I should begin with telling you, what happened 3 months ago. Shortly after the new members had arrived, we intensified our research on some of the ages we hadn´t been able to because of our limited manpower.

When a team of 20 expedition members went missing on an expedition to one of the new ages, we sent teams to search after them.

That was the moment they struck. A number of unknown persons in disguises attacked Asheten mansion, causing the few expedition members there to flee. They devastated the mansion, stole most of our scientific data, and set fire to the mansion.

When we finally arrived, alarmed by KI-distress signals, we found the mansion being aflame. We had no chance to extinguish the fire, and so the buidling, most of our equipment, and three adjacent houses burnt to the ground.

Fortunately, the smoke dispersed rather quickly, probably because of the ventilation system of the caverns – and most of our linking and descriptive books were safe in various hiding places.

With most of our research stolen or destroyed, the council met in an emergency meeting and decided to first set up a new base in an age which name will stay classified for the moment.

After gathering what was left, we abandoned the ruins of Asheten mansion – a sad day for the expedition.

Then, we started to look for the perpetrators by combing through every single age we had access to.

I was part of a team of 15 people entering an age called Panuehr, an old prison age of the D’ni. To get out of there again, we had brought various linking books with us, besides our Relto books.

When we entered the complex of buildings in Panuehr, some kind of trap was set off. A gas was led into the room we were in, and we lost consciousness almost immediately.

After we had woke up, we realized, that all our books were gone. That was the beginning of our isolation in the age.

Our KIs were still there, but they were mostly unfunctional. Darian Glover, one of our engineers, who was there as well, speculated, that some kind of energy field drained the KIs batteries.

It took us weeks to explore the vast building complex – our food and water ressources were dwindling alarmingly fast, and we had to ration them strictly.

Finally, after weeks of research, our engineers managed to combine various KIs and their energy sources to contact the expedition.

They told us, they had looked for us, but hadn´t been able to enter the complex. By using our research of the last weeks, we were able to identify some kind of control room in the upper part of the complex, and there found controls that allowed us to open the doors – we were free again.

Now we are still looking for this ominous group of attackers.

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